We need to make gerrymandering and unlimited gifts from lobbyists to Legislators illegal!

Speaker of the House Mike Tuzai
This is Mike Turzai, the Speaker of the House in Pennsylvania.  He wants to be our Governor.  We want him to “BE A HERO.”  We want him to make legislators in Harrisburg come out from hiding and vote to pass two anti-corruption bills.

The “Gift Ban” (HB 39), introduced by a conservative Republican, makes it illegal for legislators to take gifts from lobbyists.  Right now, they can take anything, any size, any amount, any time.  Vacations, sports tickets, cars, food, drinks, nights on the town. All are legal and all are corrupt.

The other bill (HB 722) takes gerrymandering out of the hands of the politicians and puts it into the hands of the citizens.  Instead of politicians choosing their voters, the voters get to choose their politicians.

We want Mike Turzai to be our hero: The guy who cleaned up Harrisburg by making the politicians do what they don’t ever want to do: Vote on anti-corruption bills.  

Chairman of the House State Government Commitee, Representive Daryl Metcalfe
This is Daryl Metcalfe, the Chair of the State Government Committee.  Turzai appointed Metcalfe to be Chair and then put these two bills in his committee.  Metcalfe says he will never, ever allow a vote on these bills. Now it is time for Turzai to take charge.  

Turzai has the power to move these bills. Call Turzai now and tell him to make corruption illegal.

Call: (717) 772-9943

Hello, my name is ____ and I am calling to urge Speaker Turzai to use his influence and power to bring HB39 and HB722 to a vote. These bills would end unlimited gifts to Legislators and end gerrymandering by creating an independent non-partisan citizens commission. Will the Speaker commit to doing what is in his power to help make corruption illegal in Pennsylvania?

Use the tool below to lookup your legistlators.  Email, Phone and Website are all available.  A phone call goes further than an email and an in person visit to their local or capitol office goes even further.  Reach out in whatever way you can and urge your representative to support HB 39 and HB 722.
Hello, my name is  _________   and I am a constituent of Rep.  ____ . I am calling to urge Rep. _______ to cosponsor HB39 and HB722 and do what they can to bring these bills to a vote. HB39 would end unlimited gifts to Legislators and HB722 would end gerrymandering by creating an independent non-partisan citizens commission. Is the representative aware of these bills, and what is their current position?