Legislative Demands

What bills are you advocating for?
March On Harrisburg has been lobbying at the Pennsylvania State Capitol since January 2016 for three pro-democracy, anti-corruption bills: SB 22/HB 722: Independent Redistricting Commission, SB 132/HB 39: Gift Limitations for Public Officials and HB 193: Automatic Voter Registration. 
Where are those bills now?
All three of our pro-democracy, anti-corruption bills have been deferred to the State Government Committee in both the Senate and the House. That is why the State Government Chairmen – Senator Mike Folmer and Representative Daryl Metcalfe – have sole power to #CallAVote on our legislation.
Why aren’t you advocating for term limits, campaign finance regulation, or some other good government issue?
In a state which consistently receives failing grades for electoral integrity, there are hundreds of ways that we can implement good government legislation to make Pennsylvania less corrupt and more democratic. However, March On Harrisburg selected these three areas of reform – gerrymandering, gift limitations for public officials and automatic voter registration – because they have been previously introduced, but have died in Committee. Additionally, March On Harrisburg selected legislation with bipartisan support. 
I care about climate change. How does this affect MY issue?
Corruption and voter suppression affects every social justice issue, including climate change, education, criminal justice reform, because when legislators listen to money and special interests, they are not listening to the people’s needs. 

March On Harrisburg is currently working on a ‘Corruption Handbook,’ to explain the connections between lobbying, limitless gifts for politicians and gerrymandering on all issues. For now, here are a couple of quick facts on the connection between lobbying and the environment and the opioid crisis: 

The natural gas industry employs 203 lobbyists to represent their interests at the PA Capitol building – one for each member of the House. These industries have spent over $62 million in lobbying expenses since 2007, including spending on gifts, hospitality, and lodging for PA legislators. The result? PA is the only natural gas producing state with no severance tax. Without a severance tax,  the state has lost almost a billion dollars in revenue since 2017. 

Both at the state level and nationally, painkiller companies have spent $880,000,000 over the past ten years to lobby to continue the aggressive prescription of opioid painkillers and to kill any legislation that could reduce the flow of opioid painkillersIn Pennsylvania, Pain Care Forum has paid particular attention to House and Senate leadership. They donated $71,500 to Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati and  $37,200 to Speaker of the House Mike Turzai during that time. The result? In PA alone, 3,500 died from an opioid overdose in 2015. In Philadelphia, 900 individuals have already died this year.