Citizen Lobbying

I’ve never lobbied before. Am I allowed to join for Citizen Lobbying Day?
Absolutely! Many of our now experienced Citizen Lobbyists had never lobbied when they first started a March On Harrisburg organizer. At each CLD, we divide all Citizen Lobbyists into teams, making sure to place first-timers with more experienced lobbyists. 

If you have questions about our bills before attending a Citizen Lobbying Day, please review the legislation here. 

What is the schedule for the Citizen Lobbying Day?
For every Citizen Lobbying day, we meet in the Cafeteria at 9:00 am. The Cafeteria is located on the bottom floor of the Capitol. If you enter the Capitol on the Rotunda side: pass the Rotunda stairs, head straight down to the first escalators, and the Cafeteria is on your right. A March On Harrisburg organizer will be waiting for you with a schedule for the day.

Can I wear my Planned Parenthood, Greenpeace, Bernie Sanders shirt? Is there a dress code?
We encourage all Citizen Lobbyists to dress in a business casual, as a sign of respect and to be taken seriously. We also encourage Citizen Lobbyists not to wear other organizations’ attire, especially partisan organizations. While we appreciate that our participants come from varied backgrounds of advocacy and organizing, when lobbying on behalf of March On Harrisburg, we ask to keep the focus on corruption and democracy. Wearing or touting other causes can distract from that message.