How and when was March On Harrisburg started?

March on Harrisburg was born in a D.C jail cell in 2016. Well, not quite a jail cell, a warehouse-turned-holding area for the thousand plus protesters that had been arrested at the Capitol building after a massive act of nonviolent civil disobedience coordinated by  Democracy Spring, a non-partisan movement to get big money out of politics. Activists were arrested as the culmination to the 140 miles march from Philadelphia to D.C, the final push to force legislators to acknowledge the demands of the people and overturn Citizens United through campaign finance reform. There was plenty of time to reflect on the successfulness of the action and what further steps were to be taken during the almost twelve-hour wait to be released. While in the warehouse, Rabbi Michael Pollack, March On Harrisburg executive director, petitioned those around him that were from Pennsylvania,We gotta take this to the state level.”

Even with a hundred plus activists embarking on a massive political pilgrimage, even with the most arrests ever made on the Capitol building, even with rallies at Union Station every day for a week, Democracy Spring received less than five minutes of major news coverage and hadn’t met with a single legislator. Pollack and DiCicco agreed that there had to be a more efficient way to make government more responsive to the needs of the people. 

And that was it. That was the first meeting of March On Harrisburg. After that initial discussion, March On Harrisburg grew a steering committee of organizers from all areas of activism. They decided to tackle corruption at the state level, and organize a comprehensive legislative campaign to speak with legislators about the changes they wanted, before marching or committing nonviolent civil disobedience.

How is March On Harrisburg funded?

Currently, March On Harrisburg is entirely crowd funded. The majority of our donations are from individuals and other good government groups. We are in the process of applying for 501 (c) 3 and (c) 4 status and are beginning to look into grant funding. We ALWAYS need monetary support to continue our grassroots organizing effort. You can donate here.

I want to join the struggle for democracy! How can I get involved?

There are dozens of ways to involved with MarchOnHarrisburg! In the struggle for democracy in Pennsylvania, we are always in the need of more help. You can:

  1. Join one of our Committees: Legislative, Media, Art, Route & Safety, Food, Medical, Outreach or Development. Working on a Committee means working as an organizer to put in the weekly work to #endPAcorruption.
  2. Start a Satellite Group in Your Community: We are currently setting up hubs across Pennsylvania and need activists to serve as local leaders for MarchOnHarrisburg. Interested in bringing the struggle for democracy to your area? Reach out to Michael Pollack, michael@marchonharrisburg.org for more information!
  3. March with Us!
  4. Lobby with Us!
  5. Get Arrested with Us!
I signed up on the website but no one has contacted me yet. What’s up with that?

In past several months, MarchOnHarrisburg has undergone a complete overhaul of its training and communication systems. Because of that, there has been a delay in contacting participants that have signed up via our website. In the next couple of weeks, we will be contacting and hosting trainings for all participants. In the meanwhile, look out for our emails and follow our Facebook page for daily updates.