March on Harrisburg is a nonpartisan, statewide group dedicated to healing our wounded democracy and restoring trust to our republic. March on Harrisburg exists to heal the fractured and sorry relationship between government and governed, between state and citizen. March on Harrisburg exists to fight against systemic political inequality and corruption. March on Harrisburg exists to pass legislation regarding money in politics, voter access, and redistricting, and to build democratic and beloved community through our citizen lobbying, marching, nonviolent direct action, and other supporting actions.

Democracy is broken in the United States, and we in Pennsylvania need to lead the way toward strengthening the relationship between citizen and government. The will of the people is separated from the law of the land. Our political system represents the few and the powerful, while the voices of everyday citizens have been drowned out by partisanship and special interests. In a recent Electoral Integrity Project report, Pennsylvania ranked 45th out of 50 states plus DC across 11 metrics of democracy.  Help us heal our political system through citizen lobbying and productive civil discourse with our legislators.  Join us so we can help you understand the process and figure out how you can help best in ending corruption in Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to convince our State Legislature in Harrisburg to pass three bills that would:

  1. Instate Nonpartisan Redistricting.
  2. Place Reasonable Limitations on Gifts to Public Officials.
  3. Create Automatic Voter Registration.

Learn More About The Bills We Are Supporting

We are March on Harrisburg, and we exist to heal our wounded democracy and restore trust to our republic.

We lobby, we march, and we do nonviolent civil disobedience to push through our anti-corruption, pro-democracy bills.

Support us every time we convince a State Legislator to stand with the people and not with the lobbyists and party leadership and sign onto one of our bills as a cosponsor.

We March Because We Believe In Better Government

From May 13-21 we marched 105 miles from Philadelphia to Harrisburg.  From May 22-25 we engaged in direct action to bring attention to the HB 39, a gift ban bill that would help significantly reduce the strangle-hold special interests have on our democratic system.  We will march again because we know how important it is to continue applying pressure on our legislators.  Between now and our next march, you can help through outreach and citizen lobbying.  We encourage all of our members to participate in a citizen lobbying day.  When you meet with your legislators, you start to understand the fundamental problem.  Join Us for our next citizen lobbying day.