March on Harrisburg is a nonpartisan, statewide organization dedicated to healing our wounded democracy and restoring trust to our republic. March on Harrisburg exists to heal the fractured and sorry relationship between government and governed, between state and citizen.

March on Harrisburg works to end corruption in Pennsylvania by advocating for pro-democracy legislation that will move Pennsylvania from the 45th most corrupt state in the country to the most democratic. Currently, we are working to pass legislation that would end legalized bribery and end gerrymandering. To win on these issues, we lobby, march and engage in nonviolent civil disobedience. 

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Our Goal

To end corruption and restore democracy in Pennsylvania

The Problem

Corruption Of State Officials

In a country denoted from a democracy to a “flawed democracy,” Pennsylvania consistently receives failing grades in terms of electoral integrity. Pennsylvania tied for fifth worst in the country on electoral integrity by the Electoral Integrity Project. Pennsylvania received an “F” grade in electoral integrity by the State Integrity Investigation.

Pennsylvania is one of only ten states that does not have any gift limitations on public officials, which means that our legislators are bought and sold. 

Pennsylvania is one of only ten states that does not have any private campaign finance contributions, which means our elections are bought and sold.

And, Pennsylvania has some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country.

The Solution

End Legalized Bribery

In Pennsylvania, it is completely legal for paid lobbyists to “gift” (bribe) anything to our state representatives. These lobbyists – from firms like American Legislative Exchange Council – routinely gift luxury vacations, cars, concert tickets, sports tickets – and of course, endless wining and dining, every night in Harrisburg. Even cash gifts are legal. In this culture of corruption, legislators are not accountable to their constituents – only to their donors. 

Legislators have introduced a solution to issue of unlimited gifts for decades. Most recently, conservative Republican Rick Saccone introduced HB 39, which places common sense gift limitations on what legislators can accept. Its counterpart in the house, SB 132, was introduced by Republican John Eichelberger. This legislation is not a total gift ban. Legislators could still accept Items of nominal value – things like pens, tote bags, or t-shirts – gifts that are unlikely to sway their vote. However, gifts likely to sway a legislator’s vote – items like vacations, cars, tickets, and endless dinners – would be made illegal.


SB 132 | HB 39

End Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is the insidious way political parties create absurdly drawn legislative districts to their own advantage. Gerrymandering distorts our democracy by allowing for politicians to choose their voters, instead of voters choosing their political leaders. In 2012, Pennsylvanians cast 83,000 more votes for Democrats than Republicans. Yet, Republicans won 13 out of 15 Congressional seats.

The leadership of both parties in Pennsylvania is currently refusing to give up their ability to gerrymander the map in their control. Democratic House Minority Leader Dermody’s staff told MarchOnHarrisburg in a meeting that they “look forward to gerrymandering” in 2021. The current plan of the leadership of both parties is to gerrymander their map as much as they can.

HB 722 introduced by Representative Samuelson (D) and Representative Roe (R) (SB 22, introduced by Senator Boscola (D) and Senator Scavello (R)) would end incumbent control of the redistricting process. It would set up an Independent Redistricting Commission made up of 11-non-legislators (4 Republicans, 4 Democrats, and 3 Independents) that would draw congressional and state districts using only census data, not your voting or news preferences. 

HB 722 is bi-partisan is up to 103 co-sponsors which is MAJORITY of the House. 

SB 22 | HB 722

March On Harrisburg Is Coming To Your Town

March On Harrisburg is barnstorming across Pennsylvania.  Come out to one of our events near you or sign up to organize and host an event.

Poor People's Campaign

MarchOnHarrisburg is so excited to be a part of the revival of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival!


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Citizen Lobbying

March On Harrisburg has met with every Representative and Senator in Harrisburg willing to take a meeting with us.  We have lobbied over 230 of the 253 legislators in Harrisburg on behalf of our bills.

Learn how to move the levers of power and come lobby with us.


Marching raises awareness about our pro-democracy bills and movement. When we march, we practice democracy and raise hope for our republic. With each footstep, over the miles, marchers organically plan, talk, organize and form the community necessary to sustain this movement.

Come join us for our next march.

Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

The goal of nonviolent direct action is to force an encounter between you and your government. The goal of our nonviolent direct action is to confront our public servants and insist that they see themselves as human beings obligated to serve the public and that we are human beings who deserve to more fairly participate in making the collective decisions that govern our lives.

We will always try to be righteous and not self-righteous.

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