March on Harrisburg is a nonpartisan, statewide group dedicated to healing our wounded democracy and restoring trust to our republic. March on Harrisburg exists to heal the fractured and sorry relationship between government and governed, between state and citizen.

March on Harrisburg exists to fight against systemic political inequality and corruption. March on Harrisburg exists to pass legislation regarding money in politics, voter access, and redistricting, and to build democratic and beloved community through our citizen lobbying, marching, nonviolent direct action, and other supporting actions.

Our Goal

To eliminate systematic corruption and to bring back ‘We the People’ to the Pennsylvania government.

The Problem

Money and Politics
and Voter Suppression

In Pennsylvania, State Representatives and State Senators systemically receive large gifts (bribes) like cars and vacations from individuals and groups who have business before the state.

Pennsylvania is the 49th most gerrymandered state, and our unfair districts create one-party districts and fuel hyper-partisanship.

The Solution

End Legal Bribery

In Pennsylvania, State Representatives and State Senators systemically receive large gifts like cars and vacations from individuals and groups who have business before the state. We are one of ten states that does not ban large gifts to our State Legislators and their staffs. This is a large mechanism of corruption in Harrisburg.


End Legal Bribery of State Officials

SB 132 | HB 39

Stop Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is the insidious way political parties create absurdly drawn legislative districts to their own advantage. Gerrymandering distorts our democracy by allowing for politicians to choose their voters, instead of voters choosing their political leaders.

End gerrymandering by placing redistricting in an independent nonpartisan citizen commission.

SB 22 | HB 722

March On Harrisburg Is Coming To Your Town

March On Harrisburg is barnstorming across Pennsylvania.  Come out to one of our events near you or sign up to organize and host an event.

Poor People's Campaign

MarchOnHarrisburg is so excited to be a part of the revival of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival!

News, Podcast and Media

March On Harrisburg is dedicated to aggregating and reporting on the most important news related to good government reform bills in Pennsylvania’s capital.

Our Tactics

March on Harrisburg employs three major tactics for achieving our goals. First we lobby our local legislators and develop a legislative strategy for moving forward our bills. Then we march to Harrisburg and demand that our bills be given time on the floor for debate and a vote. If neither of the first two tactics are effective in a timely fashion then we risk arrest in the most potent form of protest, non-violent civil disobedience.

Citizen Lobbying

March On Harrisburg has met with every Representative and Senator in Harrisburg willing to take a meeting with us.  We have lobbied over 230 of the 253 legislators in Harrisburg on behalf of our bills.

Learn how to move the levers of power and come lobby with us.


Marching raises awareness about our pro-democracy bills and movement. When we march, we practice democracy and raise hope for our republic. With each footstep, over the miles, marchers organically plan, talk, organize and form the community necessary to sustain this movement.

Come join us for our next march.

Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

The goal of nonviolent direct action is to force an encounter between you and your government. The goal of our nonviolent direct action is to lovingly confront our public servants and insist that they see themselves as human beings obligated to serve the public, and that we are human beings who deserve to more fairly participate in making the collective decisions that govern our lives. We insist that they love and serve us. We will give no reason for mistrust, and we will insist that they trust us and earn our trust.

We will always try to be righteous and not self-righteous.

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