Democracy is hurting in the United States of America. Our political system represents the few and the powerful, while the voices of everyday citizens are drowned out by partisanship and special interests. The will of the people is separated from the law of the land, and we in Pennsylvania need to lead the way forward to strengthen the relationship between citizen and government. We must restore trust and repair our democracy if we hope to rise to meet the challenges of our time.

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March With Us

If you are sick of politicians picking their voters, politicians voting with their donors and not you and systematic defacto disenfranchisement, then we want you to march with us.  On May 13, our march will start at Thomas Paine Plaza, outside of City Hall in Philadelphia at noon.  We will continue our march for the next nine days, spending a day in Reading, PA, to our State Capitol in Harrisburg.  From May 22 to May 25 we will be lobbying our legislators and applying gradually increasing pressure to have our three bills put to a vote on the floor.  You can make a difference – march with us for a day, a few days or the whole way; join us in Harrisburg where we will make our voices heard.

People Marching With Us!

People Willing To Risk Arrest In Harrisburg

We are proud that the Pennsylvania & National Federation BMWED-Teamster have endorsed March On Harrisburg.

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We are a collection of citizen volunteers concerned about the unresponsiveness of our government

We represent various ages, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, political orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. We value inclusive democracy and inspired volunteerism.

Please join the movement for democracy.

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